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Aspire Richmond (formerly Richmond Society for Community Living) offers programs and services throughout the lifespan of an individual with a disability, and their family. This includes early intervention services for infants and children, child and youth care, adult day programs, housing options,  employment support and more.

Whether you are brand new or have previous experience in the community living field, we’ve got a spot for you! We are looking for people who share our passion to create a community where everyone belongs that is rooted in our values of trust, openness, fairness, respect, responsiveness and continuous learning.

What it’s like to work here

Everyone who works at Aspire is encouraged to share their passion and gifts. We empower our teams to work collaboratively and creatively together to support those we serve to live their best lives.

Our person-centred approach to service provision extends to those who choose to work here. Staff are encouraged to join inter-departmental committees, participate in events and grassroots advocacy efforts, and contribute to innovative solutions to program delivery.

We believe in creating leaders of tomorrow. Our extensive professional development will allow you to make a meaningful impact right away.

Join our leading team

Aspire is consistently at the forefront of new program development that is responsive to the changing needs of those we serve. As the largest provider of services for people with developmental disabilities in Richmond, Aspire has provided exceptional programs for nearly 40 years.

Over the past decade Aspire has been instrumental in the development of Customized Employment Services, we have improved housing options, introduced Independent Living, and advocated alongside the people we serve for funding increases in both Children’s and Adult Services. We are leaders in the field, with reach beyond Richmond.

Named Association of the Year at the 2017 Business Excellence Awards, Aspire was recognized by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for our organizational leadership and measurable success in achieving our mandate.


Professional Development

We provide extensive learning opportunities. This includes comprehensive new staff orientation, in class and online skills training, yearly staff conference and training opportunities for emergent leaders.

Total Compensation

Compensation is much more than the paycheque. For most positions you will receive a base salary, paid vacation time, 12 statutory holidays annually, comprehensive health benefits package and a defined pension plan.


We are great at adapting to changing circumstances with the people we serve, and with our staff. Not only are we flexible in the way we set up our programming; we are also flexible when a work schedule or deadline needs adjusting.


We live and breathe inclusion. Not only are we champions in this area on behalf of the people we support, we embrace diversity in our workplace.


We believe that a respectful workplace encourages positivity and growth. You can expect that we will value your rights, opinions and contributions.

Career Growth

We offer a range of programs for people in all life’s stages. With nearly 300 staff comes significant career growth opportunities. From lateral skill development, to more complex positions and leadership roles, you can explore the opportunity to learn and grown with us!

Future Opportunities

If you don’t see what you are looking for, there may still be a future possibility for you. Do you excel in patience, are eager to learn and open to handling challenging situations? We’d like to hear from you.

Contract Work – Respite Worker

Our Respite program offers the opportunity to support people with developmental disabilities to lead thriving, connected, happy lives. Looking for flexible hours while earning supplemental income? Learn more here.

Diverse Workplace

We believe that a diverse workforce brings a range of talents and gifts which results in increased creativity, improved workplace satisfaction and enhanced programs and services. Learn more here.

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