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Meet Sue Jones

Meet Sue Jones, our Director, Respite and Quality Assurance. Sue joined RSCL in 1995 as a preschool teacher at Treehouse early Learning Centre. Over her 25 + years at RSCL, she has grown her career through Senior Counsellor, to Manager, before joining our senior leadership team in 2007.

When Sue started at Treehouse as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), she recalls being nervous for her first day at work; she had no experience with children needing extra support. Very quickly she realized, “children are children. Why was I nervous? What for?”

To anyone who shares her fear, Sue invites you to “open your heart, and open your eyes to the gift that is before you”. Sue does not want to consider what gifts would have been lost if she chose not to join RSCL. The gift of connection with the children and staff; from growing with the organization.

Sue remembers being encouraged to apply for the assistant manager position, then later for the manager position, and was successful in getting both jobs. She is grateful for the mentorship she has received from her first day and continues to exist today. She’s also received support to learn new skills and adapt to new ways of delivering service.

When Sue first joined RSCL computers were not a part of daily work, especially at a childcare centre. By the time she assumed the manager’s position she needed to learn this new skill. Today she uses various forms of technology every day!

Working for a non-profit with limited resources, staff often take on roles beyond their typical job description. This is known fondly throughout the organization as “growth opportunities”. Sue demonstrated her capacity to learn and took on multiple projects, particularly related to Occupational Health & Safety and Accreditation. As the organization grew, the need for accountability in these areas also increased. After 12 years at Treehouse, Sue was promoted to Director of Children’s Services and Quality Assurance.

Sue is proud to work for an organization whose values have remained steady through growth and change; the vision to see all people as equal remains strong. Sue also thinks fondly of the children she worked with at Treehouse, and how she enjoys seeing those same individuals now part of RSCL adult programs. How fun it is to show them their childhood pictures that line her desk!


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